• If there is a good experience, then the technology works.

    Using technology should be a great experience. We help plan the best strategy in interactive media to reach users and consumers. We create functional, efficient and attractive interfaces that  are also easy to use, learn and remember.


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Our services

  • Usability testing and user research

    We use different techniques to research and understand the habits, practices and skills people have when using certain technology. We detect trends that help our clients identify requirements and improve their products and interactive services.

    • Card sorting, interviews and focus groups
    • Heuristic evaluations and expert reviews
    • Ethnography and user research
    • Eyetracking
    • Moderated usability tests
    • Remote usability testing
  • Consulting in usability and user experience

    We strive for our clients to have satisfied users. We design interactive products and services, focusing on the people. We use different methods and techniques of user experience design (UX), service design (SD) and design thinking (DT).

    • Accesibility and inclusive design
    • Information architecture
    • Co-creation and workshops for UX strategy and planning
    • Information design and content
    • Visual design
    • Design and redesign of interactive interfaces
    • Journey & experience, empathy maps
    • Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).
  • Training in usability and user experience

    Sharing our knowledge and experience in areas of usability, user centered design (UX), information architecture, interface design, accessibility and service design. We have close relationships with leading universities and membership in several specialized associations.

    • Course for digital media redaction and findability
    • Course in government portals design centered in the citizen
    • Course in design centered on consumer experience
    • Drupal Workshop from A to Z
    • Interaction design Course: interaction problems in the interactive era
    • Responsive web design course, mobile to smart tv
    • Tutorial in mobile marketing: closing the loop with the consumer.
    • Workshop in usability testing
    • Workshop in web interface design , beyond the visual
    • Workshop of Lean User eXperience: agile methods and UX
    • Workshop on information architecture for the web
    • Workshop on interaction frameworks for web
    • Workshop on the basics of usability and user experience on the web.

Our methodology

  • Research
  • Analyze
  • Design
  • Evaluate