Consulting in usability and user experience

Consulting in usability and user experience

We strive for our clients to have satisfied users. We design interactive products and services, focusing on the people. We use different methods and techniques of user experience design (UX), service design (SD) and design thinking (DT).

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  • Co-creation and workshops for UX strategy and planning

    We involve our clients in the design process

    We apply principles of design thinking (DT) in immersive workshops involving project managers. We brain-storm for potential design ideas, identifying the user's point of view, validating concepts and saving time at decision making. We characterize users and identify competitors through benchmarking.


  • Journey & experience, empathy maps

    We identify the touchpoints where users and customers interact with digital products and services.

    We map, step by step, touchpoints where people use products and services. We identify relevant aspects of this interaction to understand how to improve the experience.

  • Information architecture

    We organize and label the content to be easy to navigate and search.

    We study how people will interact with the interface, simplify navigation and searching for information. We work on content planning using catalogs, site maps, sketches, wireframes, functional prototypes, and interface patterns.

  • Information design and content

    We generate an amiable and assertive conversation with users.

    We simplify reading and understanding. We do this by using simple and common language, guiding the contents to actions, providing clear and concise ideas, understanding the information needs and analizing the dynamics of screen reading.

  • Accesibility and inclusive design

    Digital media for everyone

    We make sure all people can use the digital media we design, regardless of their physical, cognitive or technological capabilities. We Validate W3C standards and individual norms for each country..

  • Design and redesign of interactive interfaces

    We build interfaces for any context or device.

    We create interfaces following best practices and design standards. We ensure proper visualization in different technologies, both hardware and software (PCs, handhelds, smart TV, stand alone systems, web, B2C, and mobile apps) to enhance the experience on different devices

  • Visual design

    We ensure an attractive look and feel of your interface.

    We help you design attractive and consistent visual systems. We pay close attention to each graphic element to ensure standardization, and define how to present content on a digital medium.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).

    Optimization and improvement in search engine results.

    We design strategies that help increase organic traffic on customer's sites or applications and ensure good search results. We advise our clients on the design of interactive advertising campaigns.

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