Training in usability and user experience

Training in usability and user experience

Sharing our knowledge and experience in areas of usability, user centered design (UX), information architecture, interface design, accessibility and service design. We have close relationships with leading universities and membership in several specialized associations.

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  • Workshop in web interface design , beyond the visual

    Acquire principles to determine whether web design is functional

    Learn basics to determine wether web design is correct and functional. Create and manage web proposals based on behavior, emotion and perception of the user. This course is aimed at both designers and non-designers who create and manage web design proposals. In it, cognitive and psychological principles that influence web design will be addressed.  More about this course.

  • Workshop on information architecture for the web

    Define structure, navigation and organization on sites and web applications

    This 12 hour workshop will look at all the anatomy of information architecture and its application on the web: organizational systems, navigation systems, labeling systems and search systems. Additionally concepts that create better information architectures are studied: wayfinding, controlled vocabularies, findability and use of search engines: The workshop provides practical concepts through the use of rapid prototyping tools.

  • Interaction design Course: interaction problems in the interactive era

    Enhance the experience of your users when interacting with digital products

    This 12-hour course focuses on learning to improve the experience of your users when interacting with digital products: advertising, campaigns, games, e-commerce sites, portals and web applications in general. More about this course.


  • Workshop on interaction frameworks for web

    Make web sites and applications more attractive to your users

    This 16 hour practical workshop consists of an introduction to HTML5, CSS and interaction frameworks 2.0 based on Ajax and JQuery, Spry, among others. Practical exercises to understand the integration of  technologies viewed for better user experience. The participants of this workshop must have some prior knowledge of web programming language.

  • Drupal Workshop from A to Z

    Acquire all the knowledge needed to create sites in Drupal

    This workshop is aimed at people with technical background required to implement dynamic, scalable and high level interaction sites. The 25-hour workshop includes the following topics: What is Drupal and essential concepts, installation and perfecting Drupal installation, Drupal understanding management, site user management , site's identity, site maintenance, building content nodes, content management site, building navigation systems, expanding the capabilities modules: CCK, Views, ImageCache and appearance of the site: themes and CSS. Participants of this workshop should have intermediate knowledge of PHP and MySQL.

  • Workshop of Lean User eXperience: agile methods and UX

    Learn to incorporate practices of user experience in creation processes of digital products


    In this 8-hour workshop you will learn a new way of designing user experience (UX) through the validation of hypotheses, agile processes, user research and iterations where the whole team is involved in the design process of a digital product.  More about this course

  • Course in government portals design centered in the citizen

    Learn best practices for creating citizen-centered government sites

    This 6 hour course discusses the best practices for creating usable and accessible government portals. Antecedents specific revision, e-Citizen concept, element of user-centered design [citizen], e-government strategies and planning of government portals and techniques are reviewed to involve citizens in the government portal design. The tutorial shows real cases of local, national and international government portals.

  • Tutorial in mobile marketing: closing the loop with the consumer.

    Explore technological trends to approach your customers

    In this tutorial, participants will learn and use some information technologies to create links with prospects and consumers as well as learning their behaviors and needs. Studying concepts like mobile applications, RFID, 2D and OCR ticketing, proximity marketing, bluetooth  on demand with hardware and activism 2.0.

  • Course for digital media redaction and findability

    Design your digital product information to achieve good positioning on the web.

    8-hour course where you will learn to create digital content following the principles of information design and Plain Language. Learn to redact following the inverted pyramid method and achieve good positioning in search engines (SEO) from the content of your products.

  • Responsive web design course, mobile to smart tv

    Different contexts, one project

    This 8-hour course presents fundamentals, elements and strategies of responsive web design for planning and designing web sites or applications in different contexts: mobile, to desktop smart tv, with only one team, same technologies and one project. More about this course.

  • Course in design centered on consumer experience

    B2C E-commerce usability. From consumer to e-consumer.

    In this course you will learn best practices for creating B2C e-commerce initiatives focused on the consumer. Identifying characteristics from consumers performing e-commerce activities, as well as design elements focused in improving experience and increasing business conversions. More about this course.

  • Workshop in usability testing

    Evaluate digital products and services with end users.

    During this 8-hour practical workshop you will explore main methods and tools to know the user and evaluate their behavior in digital environments. Learn to design test tools to identify attitudes, thoughts and relevant actions of people using interactive products. More about this course.

  • Workshop on the basics of usability and user experience on the web.

    Raising awareness to your organization about the importance of the user

    This 12-hour workshop provides the basis for designing and developing easy to use web sites or applications , aligned with user needs and business objectives. Understanding the importance of focusing in user design and how to start working this methodology as a team. More about this course

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