UX Strategy, site redesign and usability testing

Aug 2011-Dec 2012
Mexico D.F.

In August 2011 Infonavit hired us to redefine its online presence. Infonavit is the institution that offers to the Mexican worker financing options for his housing needs.

We began by conducting an heuristic evaluation of the previous website. Based on this, we determined the elements needed to improve the experience of users. Subsequently, through a design workshop, mockups for the new site were created. These mockups became high-fidelity wireframes of what the new site should include. Throughout this redesign process guerrilla testing and surveys were conducted. Finally, usability tests using Morae and the "thinking aloud" were performed with end users to determined final adjustments.

Additionally we offered training and consulting to establish an internal team of user experience. Thus, an organizational change was achieved by the people responsible for the site's administration.

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